Pre/Postnatal care

Care for expecting mothers works a little differently than normal chiropractic care.

The main goal is for the mother to have an easy, non-eventful pregnancy and delivery.

Due to increased weight and hormone changes, the need for chiropractic care increases in the final months of pregnancy. Most mothers do well with monthly care through the first two trimesters. The third trimester is when the body begins to really create change so care needs to be adapted to follow that trend. Most expectant mothers do well with care at a bi-weekly frequency for about 6-8 weeks with the final weeks until full-term at a weekly schedule.

We are here to help before, during and after your pregnancy!

The importance of prenatal care is to address optimal pelvic positioning for baby, reduce pain, and address any other issues.

Optimal pelvic positioning for baby creates enough space in the pelvis and allows the baby to move around as needed. It also lowers the risk of posterior(more painful) or breach(more risky) positioning and reduces the risk of longer, more complicated birth. 

Did you know, approximately 50% of expectant mothers experience lower back or hip pain during pregnancy. There are increased postural demands as baby grows as well as hormone changes (Relaxin hormone) that loosens the ligaments. Decreased pelvic stability = more pain!

There are other issues that present themselves during pregnancy that may be helped with chiropractic care such as: Acid Reflux, Swelling, Lightning crotch, Round Ligament pain, Headaches, or Carpal Tunnel!

The importance of postnatal care is to relieve aches and pains, assist with abdominal and pelvic strengthening, and lactation support.

Mothers of newborns tend to have issues from holding their newborn by curling forward, hunching over, holding awkward neck positions and breast feeding.

Proper alignment of the hips and back can promote a quicker recovery postpartum.

Regular care can support the nervous system with improved nerve tone to the breast tissue. Also, postural and muscular balancing can reduce lymphatic build up and reduce risk of mastitis.

Prenatal Vitamins:

We have a prenatal vitamin bundle to meet all mom and baby needs. Comprehensive Prenatals support normal fetal development.

B Complex: Supports energy levels and fetal neuro-development

Vitamin D3: Energy metabolism and hormone balance

Omega 3: Anti-inflammatory, Promotes nervous system development


Is it safe to get adjusted/see a chiropractor while I’m pregnant?

Yes, absolutely. Our doctors are trained with safety in mind and utilize techniques that are gentle, and effective for pregnant mothers.


How does chiropractic care help during pregnancy?

There are a lot of things that can be helped while pregnant, including lower back pain, round ligament pain, sciatica, breech baby positioning, discomfort while sleeping, heartburn. The main goal of care with any expecting mother is to help them be as comfortable as possible.


Can my baby get adjusted?

YES and it is extremely gentle! It is actually very important to check and adjust newborns as the birth process is very traumatic. Areas that tend to have the most tension include the upper neck, the middle back, and the hips. By gently aligning your new little one, you are giving him/her a clean slate to begin their growth process.


How would I know if my newborn needs to be checked?

Our chiropractic physicians look for several different signs in your newborn that may indicate the need for body and nervous system balance. We check for symmetry in neck rotation, pulling in the hips, preferring to nurse on one side versus the other just to name a few. Asymmetry and tension are key indicators of issues going on within the spine and nervous system of a newborn.


How will chiropractic care help my baby?

We commonly see a variety of issues resolve very quickly when getting a newborn adjusted. These include but are not limited to Colic, Acid reflux, constipation, difficulty nursing, trouble sleeping, and gassiness.


Treatment hours for both massage and chiropractic care are by appointment only and vary. Please call for specifics.


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