Do you want immediate change in your rounded and rolled shoulders and correction of posture⁉️⁉️

This patient had equally forward rolled shoulders before treatment today. check out his results after his first 5 min. 😱

  • Left (flat) shoulder = after muscle work only no adjustment yet.
  • Right (rounded) shoulder = no treatment performed yet.

You can clearly see the difference between each shoulder.

This is exactly why the muscle work involved in our adjustments is critical! By incorporating the time to perform muscle work with your treatment, we see patients making tremendous progress quickly in our office!

YES, the chiropractic adjustment is the most important part of resolving the issue‼️ However, everything in the body is connected. Often, muscle work with chiropractic care allows for longer-lasting results and a more comfortable and specific adjustment.

🎯Ultimately we want you functioning and feeling as well as possible as quickly as possible. 👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌