Let’s talk about hurricanes….

  • Why is there such mass destruction?
  • A little bit of a breeze never hurt right?
  • Some rain in the South is how everything stays so beautifully green out here is it not?

A hurricane however, builds and builds until it finally dumps massive amounts of wind and rain ALL AT ONCE causing havoc and destruction. Most often at levels too much for the STRUCTURE of cities and towns to handle.

Now let’s talk anatomy and physiology of your body: A little stress can actually be motivational. Proper exercise causes micro trauma to your cells and tissues helping them grow back stronger. Lounging out on a rainy Sunday can be extremely beneficial for rest and recuperation.

HOWEVER when we let things build power like a hurricane we run into issues such as:

  • Chronic stress causing extreme tension
  • Torn, tired and tender tissues from pushing too hard during exercise without proper #recovery
  • Lack of mobility, restricted joints/muscles, and exhaustion due to a “tug-of-war” your body is playing with gravity all day from poor posture.

Foam rolling 5 min a day can help reduce the massive negative and chronic stressors that build in your body from raining down on our STRUCTURE, ALL AT ONCE.

DON’T WAIT for your body to feel like the aftermath of a hurricane! Grab your foam roller and get moving👍🏽. A little bit of time spent on your foam roller daily could be the difference between working through small aches and tension and allowing them to build into a chronic problem.