Learn Your Anatomy: Elbow/Forearm

Learn Your Anatomy: Elbow/Forearm

Learn your anatomy: Elbow/forearmThe elbow does two main things - It helps the arm flex (bend)  and extend (straighten). This happens at the Humero-ulnar joint which is a hinge joint. Hinge joints tend to be very stable joints.The elbow does two main things - It helps...

What’s So Great About Fish Oils?

What’s So Great About Fish Oils?

What's so great about fish oils?Did you know the average American eats like junk!? Technically you should be able to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs with simply the food you put in your body. However, Americans have some of the easiest access to junk...

Should I do the Keto Diet?

Should I do the Keto Diet?

Should i do the keto diet?The Keto diet has become a very popular way to lose weight in recent years. Keto is a form of low carb diet that utilizes a “low carb, high fat” food intake to help maintain a healthy weight with less yo-yo dieting. It’s not for everyone! It...

Why Should I Foam Roll?

Why Should I Foam Roll?

Let’s talk about hurricanes.... Why is there such mass destruction? A little bit of a breeze never hurt right?Some rain in the South is how everything stays so beautifully green out here is it not? A hurricane however, builds and builds until it finally dumps massive...

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